DXRacer OH/KS06/N King Series

You don’t feel you’ve been sitting when you get up from it.

This is one of the most outstanding DXracer chair model belongs to King series. It’s popular among people with bulky built. These chairs are wide, soft and have incredible support of the spine. It holds users weighing 275 lbs. (!). Besides, it will be perfect for tall gamers with 188 height.

Almost all of the users agree that this DXracer chair feels like a true throne in a castle. It’s wide, soft, it’s made out of premium materials and it has a very firm framing inside.


  • Top-notch construction with a full metal framing and flexible adjustable elements;
  • High quality shaping foam inside finished with premium PU leather that will last a lifetime;
  • Ideal for gamers up to 6.2 feet weighing 124 kg;
  • Lifetime official DXracer warranty plus 2 years warranty for the parts;
  • Five-point metal base with firm wheels and a gas spring;
  • Lumbar pillow included;
  • Headrest pillow included.


  • Bulky users will be extremely happy to get such a chair.
  • It’s flawless in matters of ergonomics and mechanics. The functionality of this K-series DXracer chair model is the same as other products by DXracer.


  • There’s no possibility to change parts of this DXracer chair for the new ones.
  • This DXracer chair model was created for large users, that’s why it’s not very popular on the market. You’ll have to preorder this chair of the K-series.
  • Headrest cushion is a bit tricky in matters of adjustment.
  • The lumbar pillow pushes some of the users off the chair. You certainly should try this DXracer K-series chair model on before you make your mind to purchase it.

There’s no difference between the chairs in the King series except for the look and coloring.

DXRacer OH/RW106/N Racing Series

Comfy for tall users with top-notch PU leather material used for the covering.

This DXracer model belongs to the Racing series. It means that this chair is perfect in matters of ergonomics and functionality. It will be a nice fit for the lovers of active gaming and competitive team gaming. The backseat fully copies the one of the racing car seat. Be prepared that this chair will become the focal point of your room attracting most part everyone’s attention. All of your friends will be jealous!


  • Long-lasting DXracer full metal construction inside;
  • Five-points metal basements with convenient wheels that don’t scratch your floor and move without difficulties;
  • Comfortable filling with foam of high density;
  • Works well for users weighing up to 81 kg with 5.11 feet height;
  • Fabric and PU leather used for the covering are soft and pleasant for touching and sitting on in any type of climate.


  • Comfy, easily assembled and stylish.
  • Fits most part of the buyers.
  • Top quality material for the covering is soft and


  • There’s no possibility to change any of the parts of this DXracer chair for the renewed ones. Nevertheless, you’ve got a lifetime warranty – it includes all possible risks.
  • Racing series has no actual faults except for the one typical for most of the DXracer chairs – the armrests. This model as well as the other chair models by DXracer has uncomfortable surface of the armrests, which may seem irritating to a number of users.

Pay attention that some of the OH/RW106/N DXracer chairs are made with the use of vinyl, PU leather or fabric. Point out the material before you make your mind to proceed with the purchase. Models having “RH” and “RV” letters in the title have a very specific tilting and height adjustment mechanisms.

DXRacer OH/RE0/NR Racing Series

Your faithful companion in the office and at home.

This DXracer R-series model accompanies the majority of esport competitions and events. These chairs are often seen on gaming stages. The title of this DXracer series speaks for itself – the construction of the chair almost fully copies the original concept of the racing car seat.


  • Additional elements include two DXracer cushions – one for the lumbar, and the other for the head;
  • Armrests are adjustable as well as the flexible headrest;
  • The covering is only PU leather;
  • The DXracer filling is a shaping foam able to adapt to every single curve of your body;
  • Works well for people weighing no more than 81 kg and 5.11 feet tall.


  • Awesome coloring options.
  • The assembling is simple and all of the additional elements are adjusted easily.
  • The armrests are not only lifted, they can be moved backwards or forwards for a better position.


  • The chair is quite heavy – you may need someone to help you deal with the assembling because of the heaviness of the elements.

Be attentive about weight limits of this DXracer chair if you don’t want to deform it the next day you complete the purchase. Be wise while spending your money on a DXracer chair models. They actually worth the money paid, but they need to be treated properly.