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Top led floor lamp

SaleBestseller No. 1
Brightech SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp – Energy Saving, Dimmable Adjustable Lamp, Reading Lamp– Modern Tall Standing Pole Uplight Lamp Light for Living Room, Dorm, Bedroom, and Office –Black
  • BEAUTIFUL WARM LIGHT FOR HOME & OFFICE: Capable of both mood and task lighting, Brightech's SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp solves your home or office needs brightly and efficiently. With 3,000 lumens, this light blazes bright enough to be the only lighting source needed in your bedrooms, family room, living room, craft room, hobby room, or office without an overhead ceiling light. This light also powers on and off easily featuring a 3 step dimmer to accommodate your mood and lighting needs.
  • LONG LASTING & ENERGY SAVING INDOOR LIGHTS: The SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp has an integrated 30 Watt power saving LED light so that you will never have to replace a bulb. It's advanced 3,000K warm white LED technology allows this lamp to outshine lamps that depend on short lived, energy sucking standard halogen or incandescent bulbs. This LED lighting will endure for more than 20 years without burning out or overheating. Save money and energy with the SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp.
  • MODERN STYLE & FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Brightech combines both style and function with this sleek SKY LED Torcherie Floor Lamp. Its slender design allows for sliding unobtrusively into the narrowest corner, nooks, and crannies. It provides warm light in your home or office without taking much space, and its round rotating head easily pivots and shines light in any direction that you need it. It is available in 5 different finishes that blend well with casual, contemporary, or ultra-mod décor.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Brightech Litespan LED Reading and Craft Floor Lamp - Dimmable Full Spectrum Natural Daylight Sunlight LED Standing Light with Gooseneck for Living Room Sewing Bedroom Office Task – Black
  • PERFECT BRIGHT LIGHT FOR YOUR INDOOR HOBBIES: This floor lamp is perfect for the indoor hobby enthusiast and will brighten up your projects with it's 6,000K cool white LED so that you can perfect every detail of your unique creation. The Litespan Lamp is perfect for arts & crafts, reading, sewing, wood working, and any other hobby that needs the perfect lighting. You can also keep this lamp in your garage for a bright light to help you see your work with the same light as natural daylight.
  • LONG LASTING & ENERGY EFFICIENT FLOOR LAMP: This lamp includes a 12 Watt power saving LED light so that you will never have to replace a bulb. It's advanced 6,000K cool white LED technology with an output of 2,000 lumens allows this lamp to outshine lamps that depend on short lived, energy consuming standard halogen, CFL, or incandescent bulbs. Our LED lighting will last for more than 20 years without burning out or overheating. Save money and energy while enjoying long lasting bright light.
  • MODERN STYLE AND FUNCTIONAL DESIGN- The Litespan is available in 5 colors and adds a nice touch to any room from cozy traditional to cutting edge contemporary. It is easy to move around so that you can focus the bright light wherever you need it. The flexible gooseneck allows you to adjust the angle up and down or side to side to illuminate your projects perfectly. Set your light level to your specific task in a range from high to low and your Litespan will remember your light preference.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Ikea 101.398.79 NOT Floor Uplight Lamp, 69-Inch, Black/White
  • Use an opal light bulb if you have an ordinary lamp shade or lamp and want an even, diffused distribution of light
  • Light bulbs are sold separately
  • This product requires assembly
SaleBestseller No. 4
PHIVE LED Floor Lamp for Reading, Dimmable Gooseneck Standing Lamp (4 Color Modes, 5-Level Dimmer, 12W, Memory Function, Touch Control Floor Light for Living Room, Bedroom, Office) Black
  • Highly Adjustable: Durable gooseneck design allows you to adjust the light freely and conveniently.
  • 4 Modes & 5 Level Dimmer: With sensitive touch control, customize your personal settings of light couldn't be easier.
  • Handy and Useful: Reading in sofa, working on bench, studying on desk, relaxing in bed, and playing piano. Its usage is unrestricted.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Brightech Twist LED Floor Lamp - 16 Watt Modern Decorative Light Fixture with 920 Lumens Standing 43 Inches Tall on 8 Inch Base - Easy Foot Controlled Dimmer Switch with 3 Brightness Settings - Black
  • A MODERN TWIST TO CONTEMPORARY DECOR - The futuristic vibe of the Twist Floor Lamp lends clean architectural lines to any space. It spirals to 43 inches of height and fits easily into any corner of the room. Tap the foot-switch dimmer to adjust the light - The first tap sets it to 100% illumination, a second tap takes it to 50%, and a third tap adjusts lamp down to 30% brightness. Please note- this lamp is NOT compatible with wall switches or timers and the lamp itself cannot be twisted.
  • LED LIGHTS ARE MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT AND DURABLE THAN INCANDESCENT BULBS - These lights are made using semi-conductor technology instead of filaments or neon gas, so they are cool to the touch even if they've been on for hours. They also last longer and with reduced power consumption, they offer a more cost effective way to light your home. Featuring 920 lumens and color temperature of 3,000K, while using a mere 16 watts of energy, the only question left is if you want one in Black or Silver!
  • TWIST AND SHINE - Made using non-toxic material, the LED Twist Lamp is more environmentally friendly than fluorescent strips known to contain toxic chemicals such as the pollutant mercury. Since advanced LED technology lasts longer than old school light bulbs, the stylish Twist accent lamp will reduce the amount of resources used to keep homes lit well into the future while saving money on electricity bills at the same time. Compatible with 120-220 volt outlets.
SaleBestseller No. 6
Vacnite LED Torchiere Floor Lamp, Smart-Touch-Dimming, 71-Inch, 3500 lumens,36-Watt, Warm White for Bedroom Living Room Office - Simple Streamlining Black
  • SUPER BRIGHT & WARM WHITE: 71-INCH, Up to 3500 Lumens, brighter than most floor lamps.3000K nice warm white to off white color, guaranteeing a gentle light for your bedroom, living room, study or office.And Advanced Led Technology promise a energy-saving,low-heat-producing,stable application compared to traditional guzzling halogen fixtures.This modern torchiere floor lamp is designed specially to make your home more harmonious and sweet.
  • STEPLESS DINMMING & TOUCH MEMORY: Choosing your desired brightness ( 600 - 3500Lumens ) thanks to dimmabe stepless dimmer switch, all you need to do is to tap on the switch and the led lamp will automatically change brightness before your stopping pressing,free yourself from constrained brightness setting.And the lamp could remember your last dimmer setting which last for at least 1 second next time you turn the lamp on.
  • WALL SWITCH COMPATIBLY & ROTATABLE TOP: The lamp will stay off/on if it was off/on before the wall switch was turned off,never disappoint at the off lamp when you turn on a light switch.what's more,the top could be rotated (0 - 30°)to adjust the illumination direction as you like.
SaleBestseller No. 7
Brightech Eclipse LED Floor Lamp - Double Rings of Light Bring Sci-Fi Ambiance to Contemporary Spaces - Dimmable Bright Halo Tall Standing Modern Lamp for Living Room and Bedroom - Silver
  • TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE DARK - Like a pair of shining halos, the twin rings of the Eclipse use the force against darkness to provide bright LED lighting for any room or office space. Inside the rings are circles of LED lights that always stay cool to the touch. The rings may be adjusted up and down, illuminating the night hours with sci-fi style. Slender design makes this futuristic lamp a practical choice for intimate dwellings. Outer ring is 18 inches and inner ring is 14 inches in diameter.
  • CONSERVE POWER - Don't get stuck in 1955 using old school light bulbs when you could be using the flux capacitor of advanced LED technology to get back to the future! This energy-saving, long-lasting 28-watt LED fixture lets you bask for hours by these orbs of light without falling into a burning ring of fire. LED lighting never overheats the room so you can read your favorite book, review documents, or work on your flying Delorean time machine comfortably throughout the night.
  • THE MOON RING - Outshine the moon with the 2,000 Lumens and 3,000 Kelvin color temperature glowing from the dimmable LED bulbs of Eclipse. Angelic warm white light illuminating from the halos will fill your living room, bedroom, or office while you read, work, or play. Easily assembles in 30 minutes so you can get back to contemplating what makes time travel possible. We only ask that you try not to create a time paradox or destroy the space-time continuum once you figure it out!
SaleBestseller No. 8
Brightech Contour LED Floor Lamp - Adjustable Pivot Point 16 Watt Industrial Grade LED Light Fixture Glowing with 700 Lumens - Easy Foot Controlled Dimmer Switch with 3 Brightness Settings - Silver
  • COOL WHITE LIGHT ON TAP - An easy foot controlled dimmer switch powers the Contour free standing lamp on to 100% illumination, a second tap brings it down to 50%, while a third tap sets brightness to 30%. The cool white light isn't just easy on the eyes either! The energy saving 16 watt LED light has a 20 year lifespan to ensure your electricity bill savings keep paying dividends while never generating heat the way old school incandescent bulbs do. Compatible with 120-220 volt outlets.
  • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION, LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIALS - Easily move the Contour work lamp from room to room, or make life easier by buying one for each room you need task lighting in. Standing 36 inches tall with a width of 7.5 inches, the Contour provides a premium quality lighting solution combined with advanced LED technology to provide continuous lighting for years to come.
  • TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS - Brightech takes pride in designing functional lighting using innovative designs at a reasonable price. This dimmable LED lamp is versatile and can be used in any location whether it's to make your house or apartment feel more like a home, or to make an office space more comfortable. The Contour is bright enough to function as an additional light source, but is also perfect for mood lighting, when you just want to relax and bask in the ambience.
SaleBestseller No. 9
Brightech – SKY 30 Flux Edition – LED Torchiere Floor Lamp – Super-Bright 30-Watt LED – Adjust Color Temperature to 3 Levels of Brightness – Built-in Dimmer – Omni-Directional Head - Jet Black
  • DESIGNED TO LAST: Advanced LED technology lets the SKY 30 Flux outpace lamps that depend on standard, ordinary, short-lived CFL and incandescent bulbs. LED lighting will endure for more than 20 years: without burning out, without overheating. Why spend thousands on inefficient lamps that fizzle? With SKY 30 Flux, you save money & energy over the long haul.
  • CHOOSE FROM BRIGHT, BRIGHTER OR BRIGHTEST: The Flux Edition lets you alter the lamp's color temperature. Tap the power button, and SKY illuminates at 3,000 Kelvin; tapping a second time brightens the light to 4,000K; the third tap brings an incredibly bright 5,000K! When you hold the button at any setting, the light gradually dims. Lift off at your sweet spot! (Note: NOT compatible with wall switches.)
  • 5 COLOR FINISHES + ROTATING TOP: Choose your color of SKY in a satin nickel metal or black, white, silver, or dark bronze enamel. All five options blend well with casual, contemporary, mod décor. In any hue, SKY's ultra-slender design slides into even the narrowest nooks & crannies; easily position by an office desk or worktable. Rotating head pivots light where you need it most.
SaleBestseller No. 10
Brightech Sparq Arc LED Floor Lamp - Curved, Contemporary Minimalist Lighting and Home Accessories for Interior Design - Glowing Warm White Light - Energy Efficient Dimmable Arched Floor Lamp – Silver
  • SHINE ON, CRESCENT MOON - Embrace futuristic mood lighting with this crescent-shaped, ultra-thin LED bulb that's attached to a flexible metal stand. Gently move the wire to curve the light above you until you achieve perfect lighting for writing or task work. The standing lamp atmospherically arches over drafting tables, home office desks, plush sofas, or recliners. Adjustable height extends approximately 47 to 66 inches. Sturdy 9-inch wide base firmly anchors this one-of-a-kind leaning lamp.
  • STAY COOL, PAY LESS - Bask for hours in bright, soft light while never overheating the room with this energy saving 15-watt LED fixture. Read a book or review documents comfortably throughout the night on the brightest setting. The lower settings let you meditate peacefully or provide a night light for Netflix streaming marathons should you need to light the way to a snack. You will never need to replace the bulb as LED's lifespan lasts for tens of thousands of hours! Assembles in minutes.
  • A NOTE OF WHIMSY SPARQS THE IMAGINATION - The skinny, illuminated curve design has a floating appearance adds a whimsical dimension to your home or apartment decor. With its lean frame bending over you in an arc of light, the Sparq Floor Lamp could almost be a Dr. Seuss character. Splendid for a child's bedroom or play room! We even made the lamp so lightweight and portable that it's easy to rotate the crescent of light to brighten different areas around your house, practice space, or studio.

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